How does corporate massage work?

  • Treatments can be given either in a separate room where the therapist massages clients in a professional massage chair. The other option is for the therapist(s) to visit each employee at their work stations.

Do I need to bring anything?

  • If you have long hair bring a hair tie or something to tie it back with.

What should I wear?

  • Whatever you would normally wear to work, for the guys just loosen your tie so we can work on your neck.

Will a massage make me feel tired?

  • You will definitely be feeling more relaxed after your massage, overall however the massage techniques used will generally invigorate you!

How do I book?

  • Sessions can be booked in a minimum of 2 hour blocks for metropolitan areas and outer-metro by negotitation. Click on the 'contact' tab for our details.



Please advise the massage therapist if you are pregnant or suspect you may be pregnant.

Please advise therapist if you have any injuries or health conditions.

Drink plenty of water before and after the massage.